2017-18 Auditions

Choose and complete ONE of the following projects: 

PROJECT 1: An Invention for Rover

Design a detailed, multi-step, humorous gadget to exercise your dog on a rainy day. Either draw the design on a poster-sized material and include an explanation of each step, or build a working model of one part of your invention. Then present your invention to the public!

PROJECT 2: A DI-Estate of Mind

Design and build a small-scale model of a new home which will be completely ‘green,’ using recyclable materials found around your house. The model should address issues like heating and cooling, waste management and water management for the house and the property. Then create a presentation explaining how the different technologies work to ensure that the house creates no carbon footprint – or even better, improves the surrounding environment.

 PROJECT 3: Paper-mania

Paper is a marvelous material — it is easy find, comes in a variety of textures and weights and can be used to create amazing and impressive stuff. Do some research on using paper to make jewelry, hats, shoes, and containers. Your challenge is to make 3 creative items that are attractive and durable and made out of paper, and present them to the public! (Yes, you may use a few additional materials too!)

Remember…… Do your best and remember to HAVE FUN being creative! Don’t worry if it doesn’t come out quite the way you wanted it to – that’s okay!