Registration Packet

Croton DI 2017/18 registration packet

Send with payment
 by October 20, 2017 to the PVC Welcome Center

Student name:

Parent name:


Student email:

Parent email:

Student grade:


Student date of birth:

Challenge preferences:

Please mark the challenges you are most interested, listing your first, second and third choice, and also indicate the challenge you would like the least.



Fine Arts:___________


Public outreach:______


Please list any recurring schedule conflicts, including on weekends. (i.e. Piano lessons, modified sports, etc.) List current conflicts and upcoming ones in the future, with start and end dates (for instance, a modified sports team that won’t start until winter, etc.) This will help us in putting teams together!


Parents Please Initial:

_____ We understand that DI is a school activity, and that the CHUFSD Code of Conduct applies to all DI related activities, regardless of where the activity takes place.

_____ We understand the nature of this commitment, the cost and the hours involved. We understand that weekend meetings are an integral part of this time commitment.

_____ We have reserved the tournament dates and other mandatory dates on our calendar.

_____ We understand that 2 volunteer managers and one appraiser are needed per 6 to 7 students in order to form a team. The only way to ensure a spot on a team for your child is to become a team manager or an appraiser.

_____ We understand that all families are required to provide volunteer hours to help run the program.

Please check which activity you will be available to volunteer for:

_____Team Manager (training available)

_____Regional Competition Appraiser

_____ Fundraising

______Hosting team meetings


Please list any skills or expertise you would be able to teach at one of our DI skill-building meetings:

Registration Fee: $125

Please make checks payable to “Croton–Harmon Schools Activity Fund” and write “DI” in the memo field.

Space is limited! Please send the registration form & $125 activities fee to the DI mailbox in the main office at PVC by October 20, 2016. We need 2 volunteer Team Managers per 6-7 students in order to form a team. The only way to ensure a spot on a team for your child is to become a team manager. If there are insufficient team managers, participants will be selected by random lottery. Full refunds will be issued to those who cannot be accommodated.


March 10: The Regional Tournament will be March 10 at Somers Middle School, Somers, NY (all teams)

For qualifying teams:

April 7: NY State Tournament will take place at Broome County Community College in Binghamton, NY  One parent or legal guardian must attend the tournament. Please plan approximately $130* for a hotel room, plus transportation and meal expenses.

For qualifying teams:

May 23-25, 2018 – Global Finals at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN. $750+ pp. Includes food, lodging & transportation *

* Please note: Costs are approximate *

Contact Information:

(914) 810-9030