Fingerprinting info

All TMs must be fingerprinted and have a background check done for the NY State Education Department. This is done for the protection of our children…so as much of a hassle as it might be, it is for the best of reasons.

Destination Imagination, Inc. has also added a Youth Protection Policy. The details can be found here.

Head to or call 877-472-6915 to schedule an appointment at the most convenient location to you (the closest place to the school is in White Plains, or you can choose a location that’s closer to your work.)

It costs $99.70 for the prints and background check, but we will absolutely reimburse you for this – just make sure to keep your receipt! Please let us know when you have completed the process.

If you think you should have a background check and prints on file already, please contact Jacqueline Meyer at the District Office, as she can look up your record (if it exists) on the system:
(914) 271-4713 x4267