Team managers

Please volunteer!

We need more team managers to make sure everyone gets on a team!

What is a team manager?

Team managers are parent volunteers who help the team with scheduling, time management and conflict resolution (but never offer advice or direct help regarding the challenge solution, which is known in DI as ‘interference.’) 

Why should I become a team manager?

DI teams are limited to a maximum of 7 students. All PVC teams require two team managers, so without enough parents volunteering, we can’t guarantee that every student makes a team!

Volunteering as a team manager is the only way to guarantee that your child will be placed on a DI team!

What is the time commitment?

Team meetings revolve around your own schedule! As team manager, you have the final say on when and where your team meets. 

And since each PVC team has two team managers, you won’t have to do it all alone – you’ll automatically have a partner to help you out and be there at meetings who you can’t.

The next TM training session will be announced.

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